Grandparents’ Day

Calling all grandparents! We invite you to join us for lunch on Friday, Sept. 8 for Grandparents’ Day. The cost of a school lunch is $2.70 for students and $3.60 for adults, or you can bring your own. A lunch reservation form was sent home in first-day packets. Children will wear bright smiles when grandparents join them for this special lunch. Please fill out this form to reserve your visitors badge and help ease the check-in process.

Lunch times for grade levels are

Kindergarten: 10:35-11:20;

1st grade: 11:10-12:00;

2nd grade: 10:55-11:33;

3rd grade: 12:15-1:00;

4th grade: 12:00-12:40;

5th grade: 11:35-12:15.

Check your child’s schedule for each class’s specific 30-minute lunch time.